Urgent call to All !!!

Are you hear the cry that does not stop?

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shocked shocked
If only an outsider would come to be convinced. It will be here, really children and women, brutally tortured. The screams are so appalling that it took me a while to catch me. Now I sit here trembling in front of the computer, my only way out and try to convince people of something that nobody wants to admit. I live for long with the story and it may, nevertheless believe that human beings are capable of such a thing. I can understand that people are skeptical when they hear a story, but a lot of time is lost and many human lives.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They suffer unspeakably !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please, believe me! Everyone who comes here can convince himself of it with my own ears. It goes around the clock so; one screaming, shouting, screaming permanent. There are rumors that Hitler’s brides torture their victims with any machine. The whole block shakes and trembles. Please, have mercy on one, for the police stckt with in there. Time and again, people call the police, but shortly thereafter they are then, even there no moreTheir furniture is as unchanged, and later they end up gradually on the balcony. Nazis murder really, they do not just talk about it.

HELP for !!!!!!!!!! HAMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We will Murdered!
This is NOT a bad joke, but bloody REALITY!
It’s happens in quite europe, with fast enveloping. I only can tell about my country.
I live in Oranienburgerstrasse in Hamm, Westphalia. A stone’s throw from Unna-Massen . My name Sylwana Sahin, born Szwedowska and I am 48 years old. Birthly I came from Sopot, beside of Gdansk in Poland. Today I am living in Hamm, Westphalia in Germany. In a Street named Oranienburger.
The Oranienburger is one of many thousands of residential developments, which are thinned out by the Nazis, „as they call it. There are now many thousands of it. Not only in North Rhine Westphalia, but nationwide.
The victims, as will I, marginalized and socially in every respect, starved, then forced into one of these settlements to draw.
The families who live here disappear suddenly, but through the windows you can see their furniture, or in an unchanged position.
For many apartments you can hear horrible screams. The police does not respond when you call her and made even more right-wing slogans. They say, flat fee to look up without the Oranienburger No one would be misstreated.
As a woman, do they not allowed call for help. They laugh a simple and create the phone on.
Around me the apartments will empty, even at me they trying to get back to it.
I survived Unna-Massen 2 times, more than 25 million people do not. Another 10-thousand are currently in the hands of the mentally ill members of the secretclub. From experience I know that they inject the victims of something that prevents the premature loss of consciousness, in order to torture so long as possible. Primarily, they rape their victims until they die of weakness, or bleed to death internally. Men use a tool like Viagra, only better use and women subjects. But what I hear here from the neighborhood, sounds by far more. Almost as if they saw off the women and children to the limbs. You can hear the hum and the cries corresponding increases in the specialized agency.
Maybe I’ll make it to me one already, but somehow hearing the whining, begging and then horrible screaming, to somehow, in my daughter Tamara. She is almost 19 and lives with her twin sister, Saskia, in their Hitler’s faithful grandparents, the family Szwedowski in Lippetal Hovestadt, 25 km from Hamm. She had rebelled against the grandparents, was not willing to participate in my murder. She was chased by psychiatry, had to give up as long prime pupil, the school. She sought further contact with me and now I know, since just before Christmas, not what is with her. I’m terribly afraid that what they have done to her, or they do it yet.
In this way I seek urgent help for my daughter, myself and millions of others.
Because it consists of thin council estate, by the people, painful torture to death. Their motto is: Death to all women! But they kill women, like children, as well as any man who belongs to the environment of the victims. So there is no one who could miss the someone.
The ashes of the murdered man, stores tons of on the premises of Unna-Massen. To disguise it, they shall, as a sports-and playground sand. The ash is not gray, as one might suspect, but bright white as snow itself can not radiate. It’s phosphoriziert easily into pink.
For they do not burn us, they pulverize us. In this enormous oven, which had already told you of Mr. Barack Obama.
Selfmade picture:
Life circuits can not filter out, as all else.
Mr. Obama made sure that the satellite images were released on Unna-Massen, and the corresponding locations of the neighboring countries.
The images was be blocked since nineteys. Everybody should know it.
All residential areas are controlled by the Nazis.
The half of the apartments are empty, then from administrative staff of each region relative. This irritated the „remaining“ normal „tenants, but it will not interfere. Here suburb called them, the Polish mafia, because that’s where they came from, since 1972. It is knowing here.
Not without reason, they made twin city of Gdansk to Hamm.
It was the police and ORMO-men, who have organized the massacre in Gdansk, the war ended up in the ’80s. I know it, because my father is one of them.
There are no Communists, as was said officialy, but real Nazis. Even Lech Walesa, could not tell us the truth. For Solidarity, the only open battle scenes has ended. The polish main scene of the Nazis has been moved to Krakow.
As a nazi child I was, since I am in the world, beaten as hard as the one „normal“ human being, can not imagine any remotely. Club members, of which there are now millions take drugs to get their aggressions and hate out suppressed. Then they chop in Unna-Massen, one at its Gdansk-togethers at their defenseless, handcuffed victims.
This is, what I’m alive on 20. April 2006 there (selfdraw picture):

The victims, mostly women and girls are, then, as garbage bags tossed in a heap. Then from the SAT 1 (tv-channel) detektives, with huge blades, in the Oven-billion shoveled.
The members are all like passed out and do not show the slightest remorse or pity.
The drug causes long after, as you have seen on many „celebrities“ on tv and other. The look and the black eye shadow make they look like Haldol patients.
There is no „New, secret party drug of the celebrities,“ as we wanted to make the press, knows a few years ago. It is an old drug that has been used by Hitler, from the concentration camp masters.
Unna-Massen is a concentration camp at its best.
Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek, were children’s playgrounds, to Unna-Massen!
The town of Unna-Massen, close in Unna, was on 28 July 1972 struck by the Nazis and not leave it. There was set up shortly before a transit camp for repatriates. The Nazis disguised himself with the knowledge of Willy Brand, as a normal emigrants. They were actively supported by the Catholic Church as Pope Benedict and has looked after his official visit, in Unna-Massen, I need you probably can not be described yet.
The transit camp for ethnic Germans became a reception center for Hitler, loyalty and potential victims.
When renting the first hall I was when 10-year-old there. Since my father was the stepson of the Nazi leader, but Poles, was made regardless of spoken Polish. Even in Poland, the Nazis, saying basically polish, not to attract attention. Only the last instructions of Hitler, which they repeated, always original, like a prayer.
Currently, one of the elite-Nazis, I know that they were by Hitler of „special treatment undergone. Brainwashed that they mutually need to update again and again. Also, every new member will be made loyal in similar ways. Even babies are raped in their ranks, with objects to make them involuntarily. That is why the violence in German schools.
It is the Nazi children who beat up our children in trains, buses, schools. The Nazis are spreading out more and more. Perhaps they already have everything under control, because the same groups are in 11 other countries in Europe and more around the world.
Those self-styled elite stick together. They have also failed to understand that they are only the tool of Hitler.
No one want to stop them, because everyone thinks that the Nazis were unstoppable and had already won.
Through the involvement of many millions Citizens of all nationalities and religious affiliations, they almost won.
The majority have noticed nothing, because they give us hormonsicking funts into the drinking water. The name of the drug is Pravidel. In the year 1988 the nazis put a enormous quantity of this in the clearwater. The side effects are, in addition to coronary vascular disease, personality disorders, such as memory loss. At the same time they have stocked up with technical bits and pieces that keep us distracted. So sit long model student, suddenly in front of their consoles and are interested in nothing.
The race of the human destruction machinery is in full swing and no one WANTS stop her, because each holds for the choosing one, which will survive.
But millions of people in Germany want to live and billions worldwide. Their right to physical integrity, as we will be guaranteed by the Constitution, is protected by no one, because the police, in particular mass is involved. But as the emigrants must support, they were given in Hamm and Unna, the same officer positions and they opened the door of every next of them.
The police force was the first thing in their hand. In every city in which they appeared, they were looking events and companies that have had to find important people, but also anyone who noticed them before, the bridge was to further „victims or perpetrators“.
Not only in the villages of Lippetal, but also in all the surrounding cities, such as Soest, Lippstadt, Hamm, Werl, Unna and, increasingly, all of NRW and beyond, people were running after them scratching way. With greedy eyes, she asked for the „secretclub of celebrities“, knowing that it was Nazis. The Nazis made no secret of it, nor that each member, should meet in murders in order to be allowed to ever be a member. The more so, who wants to be on TV. So that they get every one, as I have experienced.
The Nazis are always jump to Subject in order to test the first reaction. Then decide whether someone is the perpetrator or victim.
Today’s current prominence, which is almost daily on television is, for the most part, around the designated area to Soest. They were sent to the part already in the ’80s, in other cities, remodeled styling, bug fixes, and years later, they come large on television. Sonja Kraus and everyone who came later on TV, part of the „Club“ and had to meet his DESIRED. Who is on TV everyday, must kill every day.
I hope this way to reach people who are still human beings.
Even those who are hard and feel no compassion for other people, should hold in mind, Nazis make from nobody stop. If they are just in front of your door, it’s too late.
The naive members understand not, that they are misused as a tool for us to kill others and then himself be killed by Nazis in the second set, then they, again from the remaining precious Nazis. For only THE should survive at the end. They share their members, with even on their websites, but apparently they do not read them.
Due to the psychotropic drugs, which they get, they increase more and more in the sick delusion. They always turn on more, be more brutal, cruel, perverse in their approach.
The torture benches, as they are by the thousands in Unna-Massen in use, are also in their homes. At home they mistreat their own children who are not loyal and attract neighbors in their torture chambers.
The concrete bunker, Oranienburger are quite soundproof, they also have homes in the corresponding sliding dem-walls. It sounds like big heavy garage doors, if they work it. You hear the screams, even so, yet one can determine bad, from which home they come. Only when another of those „garage door“ opens. In the moments you can hear even the screaming, begging, and calls for help, clearly. The cries are heard even from the opposite houses.
In the house number 24, in which I live, I hear from two directions, below me, and sometimes from above, a background noise than I would have ended up in hell. I hear that there are persons detained against their will and abused horribly. At first I thought they mistreat their own children and tried to do something already, but that the youth in Hamm are managed of a mentally disabled woman.
She even provides the Nazis‘ victims.
My step-uncle, the medical officer of Hamm with a preference to people to twist around the values and because it is relevant. Such people are easier to draw and think with less frequent.
The false medical officer, Dr. May, as he can, to name injustice has already been brought up to be the new leader. He has the Hitler syndrome increased in severity. Even more than his own father, who had to be curbed even by his own Nazis, which he led, as he was too fanatical, as they thought. But even this made them invincible. No one could hold them back. Those who could have done it, even wanted to belong to the elite. Now we have the mess.
For that is now before you all, if you do not respond:
Final station Unna-Massen!
I saw on Hitler’s birthday in 2006, the Gdansk meeting in Unna-Massen:

Sun to seal the members of the so-called „secretclub of the celebrities“, their membership. Each thousand places in themselves, every room of tortour bevore, then it goes round robin.
It’s get a many such rooms in Unna-Massen. I heared hundreds crying woman in the same time.
They murder every day. Every day, women across the country, such as game hunting, held in Nazi-flats, and continually raped and on especially days, placed to Unna-Massen, when they live yet.
So I saw it in 2006, Hitler’s birthday.
On this day, the daily record was broken, as the Nazis proclaimed proudly. They tortured about 10,000 innocent citizen to death. I was also among the victims and not for the first time.
I survived such a massacre in 1988 and woke up in a huge mountain of corpses, again.
Since I am not the first time, in the Holocaust took place again, I caught myself quickly and used the opportunity to observe, as far as I could. My good eye for detail and my good memory gave me the idea to paint you some „snapshots“ from my memory. Because pictures say, in fact often more than words.
Here is a sketch of the room, in which the German celebrities gathered together to be celebrate their murderous excesses.
The torture chambers are located somewhere behind the grandstand. To illustrate, I have it placed directly behind it.
Hundreds of thousands are there, in straight blocks, such as Hitler’s times. The victims are brought before the crowd and accused of being prostitutes. With one voice they cry their Nazi slogans. The loud today, we are among you, We know exactly what you are for what, whores of the nation, death to all women, you are dead, and the like.
Who am I?
Günter Wallraff I mentioned in the WDR and the internet. He described me as the „daughter of ORMO Killer“. I am those of you who visited Günter about 1987 and asked for protection and advice. By chance I met Günter, know a few years before and during a long conversation, he convinced me, humanist and human rights to be. And after I his book „Down Below“
had read, I even felt respect for him, although I am not convinced his language. Günter is expressed in sayings like from.
I thought I had me turning to the right person, but he told me, very stupid, women’s rights not to be his Ressior. He handed me the medical officer, while the half-demolished Günter’s home furnishings. Günter was so scared about the strange behavior that he is finally interested yet. Therefore the meeting before the main cementery in Sopot, Poland. Myself was be in the trunk of a car transported therefore..
My father is the stepbrother of the alleged medical officer of Hamm.
We are all from the Gdansk region. The wrong medical officer called one time Peter, and sometimes Siegfried, but in reality his name is Gerhard May.
Although the insurgents were not convincing the public health officer, could Günter and align his companion Nothing. The Nazis were armed and were on their usual Teritorium. Because verything started there.
For the mass murderers of Gdansk, are the mega-mass murderer from Germany and whole Europe.
Empty-handed, had to leave again Günter. But because it would almost work, Gerhard tortured me then, especially hard.
Meanwhile Günter has itself become a member. I made him in 2006, from under 10.000en celebrities. He towered above the others and stared at me aghast. Shortly thereafter, he pushed his way, with my father for the bet to rape me. I could not believe it, Günter, like all men, the pants open and the sex part stood out. On this detail I have omitted in the picture. It was so hard already, to such an extent to deal with the memory.
My whole family was there, even my daughters. One ran away screaming when she saw me. The other was be pushed further from my father. He repeatedly told the bystanders, we, the victims, nothing would notice it.
When my daughter’s turn, was exhausted, I closed my eyes, in the belief that my child does not like that.
I was wrong. She did so, even if a little timid. With his last strength I looked up and asked her: „Saskia, what are you doing?“ – Then she broke down crying. She shrugged her normal. The Nazis took counsel, then, my mother leaned over me and rushed: „You will still be granted a grace period. You can still live a bit further. But the
You’ve only thanks to your daughter! „-
Even before I realized, at short notice by Angela Merkel to the front. She pushed the others aside so energetic that some dropped. She tore the rod from my daughter’s hand. Furious, she began the part to ram into me. The third time I lost consciousness.
Angela I’ve known for a lifetime. It does not come from Brandenburg, but out of Sopot near Gdansk, as I do. She hated and threatened me already when I was still in the stroller. When I was 5, she sent me so bad that I had to run about half my life with a disfigured face. It was sent by the Nazis in 1972, right after graduating in the GDR. She should then study physics and engage politically to later access to some secret laboratory of the Federal Government.
My mother of the young Angela helped with homework, acted, they enable a trouble with the Nazis, made in secret anyway.
Said Angela came through the first years of school. Later, the Nazis had to pay the teachers a visit to Angela came on.
She came to my mother to say goodbye and threatened me, on the occasion, as always. She threatened to kill me if we see again ourselves. She nearly made it.
When I came to, I was just put into a mountain corpses. The detektives of K11(TV) Sided funeral service and joked with each other still in the process.
Here is a scene from my memory:

For example, does the oversized crematory oven, which was financed by your tax money. Mr. Obama mentioned him, after his visit in Unna-Massen. You have witnessed the scene live, for all the messages can not block the Nazis.
The furnace is Nazi brown. Unfortunately, I got the tint from my dried paint, not out.
The roof lined with a silvery, pointed dome. The stove looks like from an oversized tin can and placed on a brick base.
In the middle of the oven is a visual gap, as in a washing machine. It is deposited with a grid. On both sides of the gap there are two flaps, which are adorned with large „X“. They should pick crosses represent without heels. The valves open by pressing a button and it goes, a fully automatic ramp out, descends, and the tv-detektives shovel with huge shovels and thick gloves, the freshly murdered women on the grate. Then lift the ramp, drive back on and 100 murder victims are pulverized within a few minutes. We see no open fire, it just hisses from below and the mountain of corpses is narrowing rapidly to a pile of ashes.
Huge piles of ash can be seen, next to the building on the tract, now released still images in Google Maps. Furthermore, they seem human ashes, as camouflage to use as a sports-and playground sand. In Hamm and Unna, there are 1-2 such courses. The ash is white and slightly pink phosphorescent.
The huge hall is, apparently out of three, at right angles to each other, buildings. On the other side is a vast site, which is cluttered with junk cars. Since pushing themselves to me on the floor involuntarily: „scrapping bonus“(Abwrackprämie).
All the big money flowing for decades after Unna-Massen. According to information in the Internet, where they have accumulated so much armor that they could blow away not only the planet, but half the universe. The Nazis are working on the negative prognoses of Nostradamus, the ancient Mayas, Case and point, after which the world will go 2012th under. And the chances of this happening are as high as ever.
But as they say, home in Poland? Down but not lost, as long as we (Poles) live.
And there is reason to hope. For Mr. Barack Obama is on our side. The missiles of NATO have long been in Unna-Massen
and directed the other 11 koncentration camps of Europe, but out of consideration for us as citizens they are holding back. A war between the superpower America and the Nazis would have meant that Europe would be razed to the ground.
Respond to the Americans until Germany calls them for help. Individual e-mails, many to the White House not there.
There is only one way; Solidarity in Germany, Solidarity in Europe. Only a mass demonstration in front of Unna-Massen can turn the tide. Only collective presence can protect you. Particular caution from the police, but also from large, serious-looking men. It also hunt many of the members, for the Nazis.
I have already last summer, made contact to the white house. The president confirmed my statement on the incidents and provides for us his support, if my plan works. But as I reach the people?
Actually, I have fysical and mentally not have the strength, I create only with the neighbor’s Tintin, let alone with the Nazis, but since no one else does, I feel compelled to act. The screams from the neighborhood remember, compared to almost constantly of my duty to the people.
Since I have no other options, I tell you, I’ll try it this way.
Urgent request for active redistribution.
The Nazis were not many loopholes through which one can convey the truth.
I grew up in a Nazi family and I know nearly everything about the Nazis, but the story is very long and can not be told in a few pages. Therefore, I add an additional text, as PDFs, if I succeed.
For help and good advice I am grateful to: little.woman@alice.de
I’m working on a homepage yet.
I do not know how long I can hold position. I myself am threatened, but so far sought
they excuses to get ran at me.
On 10 February I should let in a guy from the health agency, which I am very suspicious. He then asserted in with police violence can be. He is concerned with a high debt money provided by the health insurance company, was the first place, caused by deception. Because all are administered by the Nazis.
The men did’t come and now I should go to the jurisdiction marshal, on 14. april. Otherwise I will be arrested. They know, that I can run no 50 meters. And nobody put the phone up.
Please, help us! Now currently, a young woman is crying, then at me, two apartments. When the sliding panel is opened, I understand some of the words. She begs for her life.
When listening to the motor noise was and the Hitler-women, still desolate crying on the woman, she screamed such an extent that I thought they cut her legs off. I myself was a time, beaten by them, as I have seen what a mentally ill it. Worse, when my mother used to be.
And they increase more and more, they can not stop. The medical officer of Hamm covered up everything.
Please, let us not abandon. Not only redistribute even react.
You’ve Verona Poth and Dieter Bohlen will also be heard. They were threatened by Nazis. These were shouts of help, but no one has heard them.
Meanwhile, the last chanall (tv) under control of the Nazis.
I know how low are my chances of being heard as a small woman, when not even the Great were heard. But I can not give up hope that there are also millions in Germany, good decent people there who refuse to submit to the massacre of us all. Perhaps, God willing, to reach „its good“ and those who want to become.
Germany, awake from your sleeping beauty sleep, because tomorrow it might be too late!
Read the „revelation“ by John and you will see connections. But take an older holy bible, ‚cause the new are false.
I am not a religious person, but
My body is gone so strange that only God, the explanation and answer. So it must be to cling to when the people look away again, as even then. The people that allow this development are to blame.

Distance yourself from the wrong sinners. Appear All in the front of Unna-Massen! On 20 April will be celebrating the birthday of Hitler, with thousands of victim. The importants of them will be there. It’s the best time for the action. Amerika are waiting, since one year, for the reaction of german people. Hundred thousands are wrote to White House, but nobody have courrage to run open against the nazis. But it is time to act. Scrape you togather to groups and
C O M E !!!

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Über sylwazion

I am a poor woman, who been hunted from Nazis every time of my life. Because I am born in a Nazi-family. My life was terrible, but now it takes forms, that it is strong to beleave what happens in my neighboarhood, with a many other people. Espacially children, but parents and singles too. A big secret go in Germany on, but it is a trap! I am sitting inside this envirorment and should be the next victim. My only weapon; I report what I can! Maybe come help.
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